Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Our subconscious seeks depth of emotions. The subconscious choice is never between positive emotions and negative emotions, but between deep emotions and shallow emotions.
Unaware, because negative emotions always enjoy greater attention than the positive ones, most human beings sink into the depth of negative emotions with effortless ease. Alternatively, they are very shallow in experiencing their positive emotions. Think about it! Take your own case and think about it!
The child is happily playing in the house. The rest of us are lost in our own chores. The happiness of the child never attracts deep attention. However, while playing the child hurts herself and now every family member converges towards the child, enquiring, “What happened?” Unaware, we program the subconscious of the child into believing that her crying draws more attention than her happiness. In the future, even after she grows into an adult, whenever she wants attention she will sink into some form of crying - from tears to depression to tantrums - the range varies. Her emotions will seem so legitimate for her, though others may notice the incongruence of it. This is a subconscious choice, and not a conscious one. She won't even be aware that something within her (her subconscious) is choosing her emotions and also the life situations to suit those emotions. That's why, so often we don't understand why we behave the way we behave. The subconscious craving for deep emotions is driving us.
Between deep hatred and shallow love your subconscious will choose hatred. That's why you can process hurt and hatred for years, and yet, every few days you need renewals of expressions of love. Else, it hurts. See the irony! You are self-sufficient when it comes to keeping your hatred alive, but need external help to keep your love going. The remedy is to learn to experience deep love. Intensify your expressions and demonstrations of love. Sink in love. (You Remember A.R. Rahman’s Speech when he received the OSCARS. All through my life I had the option of choosing Love & hate and I choose LOVE and I am here”) how true are the words from the Mozart of Madras! Let us follow his principle in our life too.
Drown in love. Epitomize love. More importantly, learn to tranquilize hurt and hatred with forgiveness and keep it shallow. Eventually, your subconscious will spontaneously choose love over hatred, for the sheer depth of it. It will also begin to choose life situations in congruence with love. Learn from your failures and leave it at that. Don't get too emotional about it. Don't spoil your subconscious. Celebrate your success. Get every cell of yours involved. Pamper your subconscious. Ill health deserves nothing more than a passing remark. Oh, brag about your health and fitness. Let your subconscious know your preference. Simple - speak the negative in two sentences and not less than five sentences for the positive. Ration your emotions to the negative and create an emotional flood for the positive. That's transformation - TRANScending the old FORMATION of the subconscious into a new one.
Someone said a sad heart writes the most beautiful poetries. Therefore, God must have been sad to create such a beautiful world. Oh, then he has not seen my God. Learn to experience the depth of bliss. You will no more write poetries. They will happen through you.
In deep happiness, in deep love, in deep gratitude

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